"Are you stressed out and not coping Help is at hand".

We have a reputation for delivering on our promises and do not compromise on service quality to our Clients.

Healing Body Therapy (HBT) is a company providing stress relief and stress management services with the expressed purpose of helping individuals live a healthier and productive life. It is believed that a healthier body also contributes to an improved lifestyle by adding quality to an individual’s existence and faculties. We are committed to treating the whole person.


Why Use Healing Body Therapy?

Because HBT:
• Offers an objective viewpoint and perspective as we are an independent party to each individual.

• With the treatments HBT provides, staff will be energized which will enable them to be more productive.

• Has solid experience in the local marketplace both private and corporate servicing.

• Can save your organization valuable time in reduction of unproductive staff time by conducting on-site stress relief seminars and body massages.

• Are results oriented – by ensuring that each of our Clients always perform at their peak and are always in goods spirits by reducing stress. This applies to both private and corporate clients.

• Maintains high standards and has knowledge of the Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Act’s requirements. This will be adhered to for all our corporate Client’s staff, thereby meeting industry expectations and occupational safety standards.

• Is an organization that is totally independent, an SMME (Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise) company, which enables us to easily adapt our services to your requirements?

• Is ideally located to attract and deliver the best available skills, via our extensive network of alliance partners that includes other medical and
health professionals, for larger contracts and larger clients.

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Aromatheraputic ‘Stress Relief Massage’ Gentle & Relaxing

One of the most popular complimentary forms of therapy in the world. Aromatherapy can be used to calm, detoxify and relax your body. It also cleanses the system from all toxins and impurities.

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Sports Massage ‘Firm Vigorous & Revitalising’

Deep tissue massage to sooth and invigorate muscles before and after a workout. This form of massage is good to release deep muscle pain.

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Swedish Massage

Deep, invigorating, relaxing and strong hand massage which will make a difference in circulation, Lymph cleansing and draining all toxins via the digestive system and through the pores. Extremely relaxing as well as de-stressing.

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Brazilian Facial

Cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate with products from Brazil that penetrate to the base layer of your skin and see immediate results in skin tone. “Healthy Glow like the Brazilians” suited to all skin types. Hypo-Allergenic and Dermatologically tested water based products.

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Reflexology ‘Hand or Foot Massage’

Based on the principles that there are reflex points in the hands and feet which represent every organ in the body. If any organ or muscle becomes dis-eased the corresponding reflex point in the hands or feet will be congested. By proper stimulation of the reflex points in the hands or feet, the congestion is relieved, improving circulation (blood supply and flow) and a general sense of well being.

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Shiatsu – Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ‘De-stress & Restore’

Finger pressure massage increase stamina, relieves stress, fatigue, headaches, lower back and a host of common ailments.


Some of Our Clients

The Benefits

By regularly engaging in a stress management program, the individual will regularly experience:
• Renewed vitality
• Healthy sleeping patterns
• Restored deep breathing
• Relief from respiratory ailments
• Reduced stress levels
• Prevention and alleviation of headaches.
Additional long-term benefits include the boosting of the immune and digestive systems.

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Stress Management / Stress Relief

As indicated above, we offer stress management services that are comprehensive, across the full spectrum of personal health and body therapy. Including Accu-Pressure Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, reflexology, scalp massage, as well as back, neck and shoulder massages, chiropractic physiotherapy, Facial Mapping and various Beauty treatments
– Facials, Manicures and Pedicures.
We concentrate on relieving deep muscle tissue, pain and discomfort. This will improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn aids with the elimination of tissue waste products such as lactic  acids. The latter usually builds up in muscle fibers and causes aches and pains. HBT is also able to advise, you the Client, as to what, where and how to enhance the quality of life in a holistic manner.


What OUR Clients Say about US

Victor has amazing talent... He uses unique techniques and really focuses on body therapy holistically. I am amazed by how I can go for numerous treatments yet have a different enriching experience every time. Victor is a legend... Do yourself a favor ;... You won't look back. Warmest regards Liane 💜
Yhoo my body still feels light after the massage. Victor focused on the tension which made my body very painful and stiff, all I wanted to do after the treatment was to just get home and sleep. You will never go wrong in choosing him to do your treatment. Reasonable prices, excellent service oh his hands are to "LIVE FOR"😊 Thank you for the Therapy Victor
Aviwe Yolanda Tyatya
By far one of the best therapy session.He keeps you so involved in the process. HIGHLY recommend it. You do not “ Want to” go there, trust me you “Need To” go there
Taymoor Tasadaq