Healing Body Therapy (HBT) is a company providing stress relief and stress management services with the expressed purpose of helping individuals live a healthier and productive life. It is believed that a healthier body also contributes to an improved lifestyle by adding quality to an individual’s existence and faculties. We are committed to treating the whole person.

We at HBT are not bewildered by technological advancements but instead embrace these and other changes, as challenges for advancement and growth.

We have adopted a strategy of internationalisation, in order to earn foreign currency, hone our competitive edge and retain our precious human resources. We therefore remain South African first. As good citizens we are committed to progressive transformation. HBT continually strives to maintain impeccable standards and a professional approach in delivering a client service based on speed, quality, price and trust. This is achieved by offering a holistic service for both male and female.

Marathon Full Body Massage – Soothing Moist Heat Treatment Included

Brazilian Facial

massage, move, therapy

Shiatsu – Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ‘De-stress & Restore’

Some of Our Clients

Shea Butter

High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins make shea butter an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter on your body, especially your face, can condition, tone, and soothe your skin. As a regular, daily hand and body moisturizer.
To relieve dry or itchy skin or eczema.
To reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars.
As an effective acne treatment.
As a moisturizing lip balm.
To help alleviate skin rashes, burns, and insect bites.
To reduce skin inflammation.

Business Opportunities

Purchase : Pure oils & Perfumes / Raw Shea Butter (Imported) Eucalyptus infused

3mls @ R40 profit R20
6mls @ R80 profit R40
30mls @ R100 profit R30
50mls @ R150 profit R30

Raw Shea Butter
Eucalyptus infused imported R150.00

Then you can continue to sell at the prices I have set and keep the pricing affordable.

Furthermore we will show you how you can do bulk orders for maximum earning potential… This is a *great business opportunity* tell others if your not interested… 😁😆😅People will buy more when pricing is good…

Miracle Ultra Cooling Balm

Effectively helps for All aches and pains, arthritis, Sinus, Gout, cardiovascular issues, flu, viruses infection – A dear friend who had the Corona Virus testified that this was the only ointment she used that helped when she was ill… She has ordered more since then and has recovered.

R65-00 for 50ml tub

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What OUR Clients Say About Us

Victor has amazing talent... He uses unique techniques and really focuses on body therapy holistically. I am amazed by how I can go for numerous treatments yet have a different enriching experience every time. Victor is a legend... Do yourself a favor ;... You won't look back. Warmest regards Liane 💜